Advance Com - Technology from the Up and Coming was first established in 1998. It was the "brain child" of business education instructor, Yvonne Halvorson. The mission of Advance Com is for students, teachers, and community to partner together to serve the community and provide "real life" experience to students.

Advance Com builds, hosts, and creates .com sites for local businesses and organizations primarily within the Fertile-Beltrami School District, although we take on outside projects as well.

Advance Com is run by current, third year, computer students. We have expressed interest in becoming webmasters as we have progressed through the computer curriculum. In addition to having the necessary web skills, we have reputations that are without question, as we have a great deal of responsibility both financially and with passwords, user names, keys, and a multitude of other confidential material. We "come to work" each day instead of tests and coursework like a regular classroom. In its place, we are assigned projects and are required to do participation logs each week. Like in the workforce, if a student is absent for any reason other than a school activity they do not receive credit for that day.

This class model has resulted in Advance Com recieving multiple awards. We were recognized as an "exemplary" program by the Minnesota Real Education Association in both 1999 as the 1st Place winner of the Profiles of Excellence Exemplary Program Award and in 2005 as the Profiles of Excellence Best Continuing Program Award. In 2009, we were also presented with the Star of Innovation award from the Minnesota Principals Association.

Today, Advance Com continues to strive to improve each year. They currently maintain approximately 30 businesses online. In addition, we service the non-profit organizations of the area for free. Pricing is tailored to exactly what the customer needs, whether it be a completely new website or updating their existing website. More information can be found below under Pricing. The funds are under the umbrella of the Fertile-Beltrami school and are used to provide three, $500 scholarships to graduating seniors planning to major in computers or business. Additional funds have been used to purchase some specialty equipment (tri-pod, digital video camera, etc.) for the school.

Advance Com is dedicated to "paying back" the communities of Fertile and Beltrami for their continued support of technology in the Fertile-Beltrami school district. The goal is to serve and learn in a real-life environment.